The Fi-Box kennel has been established on 9.2.1998, when we decided to breed this wonedrful, majestic, intelligent and absolutely unique breed. This was a logical follow-up after 2 years with our first female Ofka Fi-It. She made us sure that Fila Brasileiro is The Breed we want to join our lives. Day by day we are amazed by their relationship to our kids, another animals including our cats, or just by watching our property.
It is necessary to refresh bloodlines from time to time. This was the reason we imported a male named Bras Can Xingu, from Bras Can kennels ran by Mr. A.J.Brasileiro, in 2003. Mr.A.J.Brasileiro was well known Brazilian breeder with more than 30 years of experience. The temperament of Xingu showed us, that Filas from the country of origin are a bit different from European breedings. The “Brazilians“, as we call them, are unbelievably clever and responsive. Their loyalty to the family is outrageous. So, we didn't stick with Xingu only and imported a female named Tina Maloca dos Filas do Paiaquas. Tina features bloodlines of a legendary male Zandor Fazenda Rio Negro, whose offspring is the top in Brazil.
We try hard to keep as close as possible to the breed standard, including the right body structure, little or no white signs etc... The temperament is very important, too. Our dogs and puppies are bred in the family environment, because it is very important for their future development and behavior.
With Fila, you have a dog absolutely devoted to the family, excellent guardian and watchdog. This is a lifetime friendship.

„ …  Fila once, Fila forever … „

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